İkinci El ve Kiralama


With rental method, you can supply generators of any power you need without first investment and operating costs.

  • Taxational advantage through rental invoices
  • You don't need to invest in high cost inventory.
  • No need for periodical payments for the maintenance of generators. Maintenance will be carried out by us within the agreement.
  • In technical terms, all the responsibility of the generator is under Borusan Makina ve Güç Sistemleri. Costs arise from malfunctions except user faults, spare parts changing etc. are included in rental price.
  • In case your power requirements change, you will have the opportunity to change your current rental generator with another one with the power you need.
  • Rental UPS options, we provide 10-600 kVA range with 3 phase including 3 years warranty.


With rent and take over model, you can take over the generator which you rented by long term rental method and had been the first user with second hand price and Borusan warranty. In this method, rental and second hand prices of the generator is paid in accordance with mutual agreement and specified conditions. Thus, you make an agreement knowing the rental price of the generator that you will rent and for how much this generator will be invoiced at the end of the rental period.

As new generator costs and rental invoices are direct expences, the taxation advantage arising from them makes this method appealing.