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CAT Original Filters

Putting the right lubricants in your machine is the first step - using proper filters is the second. Consistently using quality filters to maintain system cleanliness reduces component wear and lowers operating costs. Cat filters are designed to work with Cat fluids in Caterpillar engines and component systems to provide the highest levels of cleanliness and performance - protecting your systems and lowering your costs.

No matter when or where Cat® Filters are purchased they have the same consistent high quality. Because Cat filters are made better, they provide consistent performance to protect your engine, drive train, and hydraulic systems. While other brands may fit, Cat filters offer the superior quality and protection you need to maximize your engine and other component system's life.

All filters are not the same, Cat Filters have:

  • Acrylic beads to prevent pleat bunching
  • Spiral roving for greater pleat stability
  • A nylon center tube to prevent metal contamination
  • Molded end caps to prevent leaks

Air Filters

Engine Air Filters
Cat® engine air filters are designed for maximum protection and optimum performance.

  • Standard efficiency elements - durable construction to handle the most rugged applications with the best capacity in the industry.
  • Ultra high efficiency elements - the best early hour efficiency and the longest life available for your Cat equipment.
  • Cab Air filters Cat cab air filters provide a cleaner, more comfortable cab environment.
  • Higher efficiency options for improved dust and particle reduction.
  • Options available for improved odor reduction.
  • Long life and optimum cab environment protection.

Engine Oil Filters

Caterpillar offers a full line of filtration options for your Cat engine that maximize engine oil cleanliness, meet expected oil interval changes, and provide the best machine performance and component protection.

  • Standard efficiency - excellent protection and performance for older Cat engines.
  • Advanced efficiency - increased contamination control and plenty of dirt-holding capacity.
  • Ultra High Efficiency - Provides optimum contamination control in all applications.
  • Recommended as a clean-out filter for use after any service work.

Fuel Filters

Primary Fuel Filters / Fuel Water Separators

İkincil Yakıt Filtreleri
Bu filtreler, yakıt enjektörlerine ve diğer yakıt sistemi komponentlerine en çok zararı veren daha küçük partikülleri yakalar.

Secondary Fuel Filters

  • The best protection in the industry from a highly differentiated design.
  • Traps and hold particles.
  • Ensures engines perform as expected and stay in emissions compliance.

Hydraulics and Transmissions Filters

Hydraulic Filters

Using Cat filters is the best way to reduce hydraulic system contamination and maximize your machine performance.

  • Standard Efficiency - Maintains system cleanliness in most applications
  • Advanced Efficiency - Provides improved system cleanliness for severe conditions.
  • Ultra High Efficiency - Provides optimum contamination control in all applications. Recommended as a clean-out filter for use after any service work.

Transmission Filters

Today's transmissions require unique filtration products to protect the system components and optimize performance

  • Greater dirt holding capacity.
  • Better cold weather performance with fewer filter bypass instances.
  • The optimal efficiency and protection for transmission applications.

Oil Fiters

Fuel Filters

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