Workshop Services

Engine Test Unit

Engines overhauled by expert technicians are tested with connecting a dynamometer before being mounted to machine. During this test, overhauled engine power and torque rate are measured and compared with standard rates and its engine performance is provided to be at the top with fine tuning. Thus all overhauled engines in the factory are quality controlled %100 before being mounted to machine.

Pump Test Unit (Fuel Pump and Injector Test)

In this department, engine fuel system is brought to proper to catalogue values on modern stands and with this customer gets the highest productivity and fuel wastage is avoided.

In the course of engine overhaul, all supplementary equipment like injection pump, injectors, water pump, starter, alternator and turbo are overhauled by checking what is necessary without demand for doing it. These are included in the price of engine overhauling and no demand for extra charge.

Track Press

Oiled and dry type chains are overhauled as proper to specifications and served to customer with the highest level of its chain life.Compactor Overhaul and Honing Stand

Each size of hydraulic compactors are dismounted on high technology product, modern stands, done all controls and the necessary ones are subjected to honing procedure. After mounting procedure, compacters are subjected to internal leakage test and done %100 service quality control.

Welding Shop (Welding stuff and renovation of custom truck )

In welding shop what is done is to create economic solutions by doing filling procedure of idlers and bobbins with using welding line whose hardness is recommended by Caterpillar and with shielded carbon electrode welding method. Here up to your wish, there is also miscellaneous bucket and kit production.

Oven- Spraying Booth

With the help of oven-spraying booth founded in İstanbul region, all machines handed to our factory can be painted -as you wish- completely or partially for just damaged parts with original Cat paint as the new machine quality. Your painted and changed label machines have new machine identification and at the same time its second-hand value increases.

Contamination Control Program

Contamination Control is the integrity of implementations and rules which limits contamination and reduces to an acceptable level in the whole service procedure steps.

Contamination Control is procedured by obeying "Cleanness Rules" being Caterpillar, Borusan Makina and customer's responsibility in each machine and component "Design, Production, Maintenance, Repairment and Operation" stages. These 4 main titles are: Clean Factory, Clean Procedure Steps, Clean Component and Clean Oil.

Caterpillar heavy equipments used present high technology product components need excellent service knowledge and pickily working habits. This sensibility adds value to your machine.

Contamination Control Program is one of the main parts of new service perception.

Among CAT dealers, Borusan Makina is one of the special dealers whose all factories have 5 star certification which is the highest evaluation level of Caterpillar. Service crew licensed by CAT with a certificate has responsible in program coordination and implementation for CAT and customers.

Contamination Control Program contains system flushing, component scoring and SOS scheduled oil sampling during process of external service. For more information about contamination control program and SOS oil sampling, contact with your sale representative or with our nearest service management.

What is contamination?

Contamination is everything in but not belonging to oil. Particulate contamination is the most common one. These are; materials like metal, welding cinder, paint particulate, fiber, sealing components and they are just couple micron-sized. A micron is micromillion.

Heat, water, weather and other liquids are also contaminants. When these contaminants get together, they cause -by ruining chemical structure of oil- oil become oxidant and acidic.

Particulate contamination and chemical change of oil cause sooner machine malfunction. Thanks to our speciality, we assure your machine's hydraulic system after each maintenance and overhaul. At the same time we keep tracking oil condition with SOS scheduled oil sampling.

Implementations contained Contamination Control:

It monitors if oils can fulfill Caterpillar standards or not with particulate count.
It filters all new oils and when it's necessary it cleans worked oils by filtering.
Oil flushing is above necessary standards.
Components and hoses get cleaned and keep clean
Disassembly and component overhaul areas kept clean.
Disassembly and overhaul operations are operated in dedicated areas.
Parts kept in their original packages until they are used.
All parts have dust insulation.