Repair Option - ROP

Taking your machine from service at the most suitable time with recondition before defect can reduce longer lingering and part cost which can be formed due to unexpected defect within unexpected time.

With the recondition packages formed by Borusan Makina for your machines and with the usage of all parts from stock on hand, recondition time will be 3 times faster and with fixed-price warranty, your recondition costs will reduce half and half.

Repair before failure; restrains defect or injury of relevant parts in contact, prevents from interruption and falling behind in your work thanks to planned and right inspection. Repair of non-reusable parts working against abrasion (rollers, seals - Level I) or low abrasion time reusable parts (plates,ring gears, final drives - Level II) reduces total repair cost, thanks to its warranty service (spare parts %100 ready for usage + Service) provides fixed-price warranty and minimizes your production loss.